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Since 2012, Alce has been a team built to be lean and efficient, favoring quality in relationships and work. We create custom designs, websites, and apps with startups and businesses worldwide.

We have the same goal as you: to provide high-quality work for a specific audience. Rather than bore you with technical terminology and clichés to justify a high price, we just deliver.

We don't intend to serve everyone, but if you (as we do) value the balance between usability, functionality, and simplicity, we can build something special together.

shopify plus partner

Companies with recognized work in the Shopify ecosystem can receive certification and accreditation as “Shopify Experts”.

Alce Rocks has always been among the best rated Shopify Experts in Brazil, and was selected in the first group of companies that debuted the Shopify Plus Partner category in Latin America.

Your project can count on our consultancy at every step, including planning, design, architecture of customized solutions, development and continuous monitoring.

Official certifications, real testimonials:


Each project is unique, that's why we don't believe in off-the-shelf solutions. We help evaluate, select and integrate the best tools available for each scenario.

Here is a list of terms, for those who like them: digital strategy, lean, agile, sprints, design thinking, ux, ui, ecommerce, dnvb, shopify plus, shopify apps, omnichannel, seo, cro, growth, high scale.

  • Strategy and Design
    Strategy and Design
    We think with you, exploring ideas and creating a solution that balances functionality, usability and visual aesthetics
    Strategy and planning, solution architecture, user experience (UX), user interface (UI)
  • Development
    Much more than prototype and code, we offer consultancy on digital strategy for multiple channels, from planning to launch
    Responsive web and sites, mobile apps (iOS, Android), internet of things (IoT), integrations, API, cloud
  • E-commerce
    Shopify Plus Partners. Consulting and development at every step: purchasing experience, checkout, recurrence, apps, integrations and evolutions
    Architecture (B2C, B2B and D2C), audit (SEO and CRO), design, implementation, migration and evolution of stores, shopify apps, extensions, integrations


  • Insider


    "Insider was created with the aim of simplifying people's lives through functional and technologically advanced clothing. With entirely local production, the pieces offer practicality and technology for everyday life."

    Overview: We design and develop custom solutions to improve usability and conversion on Shopify Plus.

    Headless migration to Shopify Online Store 2.0, checkout personalization, customized experience, SEO/CRO audit and continuous monitoring.

  • Contém 1g

    Contém 1g

    "Contém1g has been a beauty brand recognized for many years in the Brazilian market. Its recent acquisition by Sallve represents a partnership that promises to bring even more innovations and new features to the beauty market."

    Overview: Customized checkout, apps and integrations, customized experience, SEO/CRO audit and continuous monitoring.

  • Sallve


    [Health and Wellness]

    Sallve is a digital native brand that is revolutionizing the beauty market in Brazil.

    Together, for a few years now we have been building and evolving one of the most prominent Shopify e-commerce sites in the world.

    Overview: Shopify Plus, DNVB, D2C, custom checkout, custom shopify apps, external integrations, custom experience

  • Pantynova


    [Health and Wellness]

    "A pioneer in sexual well-being in Brazil, Pantynova was born in 2018 to contribute to the (re)discovery of everyone's sexuality in a much more natural, light and fun way."

    Overview: We design and develop custom solutions to improve usability and conversion in Shopify Plus, including checkout and new components to facilitate the shopping experience and operations.

  • NTS


    [Oil & Gas]

    "NTS is responsible for transporting gas in the most industrialized region of Brazil. NTS gas pipelines connect the states of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo (responsible for approximately 50% of gas consumption in Brazil) to the Bolivia- Brazil, to LNG terminals and gas processing plants."

    Overview: Working together for many years, we have designed, developed and constantly evolved the portal (headless CMS).

  • Museum


    [Culture and Education]

    With the purpose of bringing art to everyone through social inclusion and access to culture in our country, with the Musea app you can see, read and expand your repertoire about art. You can continue your visit even after leaving the exhibition and thus get the most out of your experience.

    Overview: We design and develop a custom platform, including native apps for iPhone and Android


    All reviews can be verified on our profile Shopify Experts.
    • ALCE is an essential partner for our success in implementing features, campaigns and strategic launches - taking advantage of everything that Shopify Plus offers natively at a crucial time when we were migrating as many of our own solutions as possible, as well as working transparently with our internal team: we achieved a very productive synergy. In addition to projects, your daily monitoring helped a lot in training the teams, resolving bugs and continuous improvement. Always open to listen, lead and accompany, ALCE always helps us when necessary, in the best possible way.
    • Alce is a fantastic partner and a fundamental part of our Shopify projects. They are true experts and have the ability to develop customized solutions that perfectly meet our needs.They are attentive, organized, and we feel that we can always count on them whenever needed.
    • Working with Alce Rocks is always perfect. They know a lot about everything about Shopify and especially very complex parts where you, as a retailer, can't escape the code, they can do it!!! A great agency, all very humane people and concerned about your business. With their help, we made a perfect launch of the new Contém1g brand, with features that are unmatched on the market and in the app store.
    • We contacted Alce Rocks to develop our transparent checkout, and from the beginning communication was very agile, effective and transparent. They kept us updated throughout the project, were open to suggestions and delivered the job within the stipulated deadline, we recommend it a thousand times! We at Pantynova were extremely happy with the result and having found such a cool and professional agency.
    • Alce Rocks has a team that is super available to set up meetings and answer questions - developing our new website was an extremely smooth process with them! From customer service to project delivery, they did a great job.
    • It has been a great pleasure to be able to work with the Alce team. They are very qualified professionals, they understand exactly what we need, they meet deadlines and are very helpful. We highly recommend their work.

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    • Igor de Andrade
      Solution architecture
    • Matheus Pazetti
      Software Engineering
    • Ricca Porto
      Creation and Design



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