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Since 2012, Alce has been a team built to be lean and efficient, favoring quality in relationships and work. We create custom designs, websites, and apps with startups and businesses worldwide.

We have the same goal as you: to provide high-quality work for a specific audience. Rather than bore you with technical terminology and clichés to justify a high price, we just deliver.

We don't intend to serve everyone, but if you (as we do) value the balance between usability, functionality, and simplicity, we can build something special together.

Here's a list of keywords in case you need: lean, agile, design thinking, ux, ui, ecommerce, dnvb, shopify plus, shopify apps, omnichannel, integrations, digital strategy


Strategy and Design


We think with you, exploring ideas and creating a solution that balances functionality, usability and visual aesthetics.

Strategy and Planning, Solution Architecture, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI)



Much more than prototype and code, we offer digital strategy consulting for multiple channels, from planning to launch.

Responsive Web and Sites, Mobile Apps (iOS, Android), Internet of Things, API, Cloud and Integrations.



Certified Shopify Plus Partners. Consulting and development for all steps: shopping experience, checkout, recurrence, apps, integrations and evolutions.

Consulting and architecture of sales channels (B2C, B2B and D2C), design, implementation, customization, migration and evolution of virtual stores, Shopify Apps, Extensions and Integrations.


The most recognized works receive accreditation from Shopify as "Shopify Experts".

Alce Rocks was already a top-rated Shopify Expert in Brazil, and was selected in the first group of companies that debuted the Shopify Plus Partners level in Latin America.

Your project can count on our consulting in each step, including planning, design, solution architecture, development, and continuous improvement.

Official certifications, real reviews:

Shopify PlusShopify Experts


Linus - Case Alce Rocks - Shopify Experts Plus Partners - Agencia
Contém1g - Case Alce Rocks - Shopify Experts Plus Partners - Agencia
Ollie - Case Alce Rocks - Shopify Experts Plus Partners - Agencia
Insider Store - Case Alce Rocks - Shopify Experts Plus Partners - Agencia
Pantynova - Case Alce Rocks - Shopify Experts Plus Partners - Agencia


Sallve - Case Alce Rocks - Shopify Experts Plus Partners - Agencia


Sallve is a Brazilian digital native cosmetics brand that arrives with the objective of creating high quality products, with safe formulas, fair prices and co-created with consumers.

sallve.com.br | Shopify Plus custom transparent checkout, custom apps, integrations, custom theme, custom commerce experience

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Reviews can be verified in our Shopify Experts profile

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ALCE is an essential partner for our success in implementing features, campaigns and strategic launches. They leveraged key Shopify Plus resources at a crucial time when we were migrating our many in-house solutions and worked transparently with our team: we achieved a very productive synergy. In addition to projects, their ongoing support helped train our teams, troubleshoot bugs and achieve continuous improvement. Always open to listening, leading and following up, ALCE always helps us in the best possible way.

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Ilustração Igor de Andrade
Ilustração Igor de Andrade

Igor de Andrade

Arquitetura de Soluções

Ilustração Matheus Pazetti
Ilustração Matheus Pazetti

Matheus Pazetti

Engenharia de Software

Ilustração Ricca Porto
Ilustração Ricca Porto

Ricca Porto

Criação e Design


Shopify Plus - Parceiro Alce Rocks - Shopify Experts Plus Partners - Agencia
Google Partner - Parceiro Alce Rocks - Shopify Experts Plus Partners - Agencia
Heroku - Parceiro Alce Rocks - Shopify Experts Plus Partners - Agencia
AWS Amazon Web Services - Parceiro Alce Rocks - Shopify Experts Plus Partners - Agencia



It is important to answer the questions carefully, so we can understand the type of project and assess whether we can help.


We're always hiring. In the link below you can send your profile, resume and portfolio.

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